Policy, Objective & Priorities

3.1 Policy

The problem facing agricultural development and associated opportunities for research and development in Tanzania far exceed SUA's capacity to respond effectively. In making difficult choices, SUA's research priorities will take into consideration national priorities and available resources at the University with opportunities for collaborative research. The policy is to con duct research for sustainable development of Tanzania in order to eradica te poverty.


3.2 Objective

Provide leadership in basic and applied research to generate new knowledge that responds to the contemporary and emerging needs of industry. Research should be linked to development and in particular focus on specific problems including environmental concern and conservation of natural resources as well as providing scientific breakthrough


3.3 Priorities

SUA's research priorities are complementary and within the defined national policy, objectives, strategies and priority areas for research as provided for in the sectors of Agriculture, Livestock, Cooperatives, Forestry and Bee keeping, Wildlife, Tourism, Fisheries, Environment, Higher education and COSTECH, which were referred during the preparation of SUA's research priorities. Go Prioritazation at the MAIN MENU to view Prioritized research areas for SUA up to the year 2005