Postgraduate Students Forms

Appendix 1: MA/MSc/PhD Research Concept Note Seminar Assessment Form (Regulation: B Sec. 4.5)

Appendix 2: MA/MSc/PhD Research Proposal Seminar Assessment Form (Regulation: B Sec. 4.5)

Appendix 3: MA/MSc/PhD Research Results Seminar Assessment Form (Regulation: B Sec. 4.5; C sec 1.1.1 and 1.2.1)

Appendix 4: Notice of Intention to Submit Dissertation/Thesis (Regulation: B Sec. 7.3 and C Sec. 5.2)

Appendix 5: Terms of Reference for Examining Dissertations/Theses/Research Paper (Regulation: B Sec. 8.4 and C Sec. 6.4)

Appendix 6: Summary Recommendation Form for Masters Dissertation/Thesis/ Research Paper Examination (Regulation: B Sec. 8.4)

Appendix 7: Summary Recommendation Form for PhD Dissertation/Thesis (Regulation: B Sec. 8.7 and C Sec. 6.8)

Appendix 8: Oral Defence/Viva Voce Examination Results Recommendation Form for Research Paper, Dissertation and Thesis (Regulation: C Sec. 6)

Appendix 9: Procedures for Conducting Oral Defence/Viva Voce (Regulation: C Sec. 6.1.18)

Appendix 10: PhD/Master Degree Oral Defence/Viva Voce Examination Overall/Final Results Form (Regulation: C Sec. 6.1.21)

Appendix 11: Postgraduate Students’ Research Work Progress Report Form (Regulation: Sec. 8.18 & C Sec. 6.19)

Appendix 12: Summary Postgraduate Student’s Progress Report (Regulation: J Sec. 2.11 and 3.9)

Appendix 13: Student Complaint Form (Regulation: G Sec. 1.0)

Appendix 14: Extension for Registration (Regulation: F Sec. 4.3)

Appendix 15: External Examiners Claim form

Appendix 16: Postgraduate Student-Supervisor Agreement (Regulation Part J Sec. 1.8)

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