Funding of Research

About 98% of the research projects undertaken at SUA are externally funded through signed agreements between individual researchers, departments or University in general on one hand, and the funding agencies on the other hand. The other 2% is funded by the Government of Tanzania and internal public and non governmental organizations. All Government funded research projects and where research funds are channeled through the University by the funding agencies, applicants have to apply for research funds by using the standard Application for Grant form ( R&P 001 ).

 Successful researchers have to submit regular progress reports by filling Progress Report form ( R&P 002 ) to Senate through Senate Research and Publication Committee (R & PC). At the end of the research project, researchers are also required to submit terminal reports by filling Terminal report form ( R & P 003 ).

Application and reporting procedures for research projects not administered by the University through SR&PC vary depending on the signed agreements between the funding agencies and the individual researchers or department. Where research funds have to be administered by the University, an Administration fee of 5 percent is charged for each project.

The amount of funds spent on research is estimated to be about TAS 2.0 billion per year. Currently the Norwegian government through NORAD is funding about 50% of the research projects at SUA. The list of agencies funding research at SUA are normally printed biannually in SUA Research Newsletter published by DRPGS.