Project Management

Activity Manager
There shall be an Terms of Reference of the Activity Manager include:

  • Management of technical and administrative activities the Enhancement of SUA’s Capacity in Utilizing ICT.
  • Working with the USAID Activity Manager to ensure proper administration, prudent management, maintenance of proper documentation, and compliance with the terms and conditions provided in the contract.
  • Be primary liaison with USAID in the day-to-day implementation of the Enhancement of SUA’s Capacity in Utilizing ICT.
  • Synthesize reports before they are submitted to appropriate organs
  • Requesting for disbursements of project funds from USAID and allocating them to different activities

Assistant Activity Manager
There shall be Assistant Activity Manager who shall report to the Activity Manager. The Assistant Activity Manager shall be appointed by the SUA Vice Chancellor on the recommendation of the Activity Manager.  Terms of Reference for the Assistant Activity Manager include:

  • This will be the principal assistant to the activity manager
  • Assisting in ensuring that activities are implemented as planned
  • Contribute to  continuous monitoring and evaluation of all activities
  • Preparing reports
  • Preparing work plans
  • Any other duties assigned by relevant SUA authorities

Project Committees
The project shall be governed through three committees which shall include:

  • ESUA-CICT Project Committee (EPC)
  • ESUA-CICT Technical Implementation Committee (ETIC)
  • ESUA-CICT Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (EM & EC)

ESUA-CICT Project Committee (EPC)
EPC will be responsible in governing all matters related to ESUA-CICT. The Terms of Reference of Project Committee (EPC), which shall meet at least quarterly, shall be:

  • To monitor and evaluate progress of all activities.
  • To receive, discuss and approve appropriate recommendations from Technical Implementation Committee.
  • To ensure that plans and decisions made are implemented.
  • To undertake other duties aimed at enhancing project performance.

The following shall be members of EPC:
Members of ESUA-CICT Project Committee





The Chairperson         

Director, DRPGS


Activity Manager

Director, CICT


Assistant Activity Manager

Deputy Director, CICT


M&E Coordinator

Monitoring and Evaluation Committee


Chief Planning Officer

In charge of infrastructures



Financial controller


Head, PMU

Procurement Specialist


Total number of members


ESUA-CICT Technical Implementation Committee (ETIC)
There shall be technical implementation committee that shall be responsible for day-to-day activities. The terms of reference of Technical Implementation Committee (ETIC) shall be:

  • To propose plans based on the approved milestones.
  • To  execute approved plans of activities
  • To supervise implementation of the technical solutions.
  • To ensure that the status of the project activities progress well on timely basis.
  • To prepare the contract terms of reference and bid documents with consultation with PMU.
  • Whenever appropriate, to take the role of consultants for activities that SUA has qualified personnel to carry out and supervise the required works.
  • To undertake any other duties aimed at enhancing project performance.

The proposed name and roles include:
ESUA-CICT Technical Implementation Committee





Prof. L. S. P. Busagala

Activity Manager and Chairman


Dr. A.J. Churi

Assistant Activity Manager


Mr. M.P.J. Mahenge

Logistics Coordinator


Mr. A.T. Urio

Principal Computer Technician


Mr. K. Swai

Computer Technologist, Member


Mr. R. Maneno

Computer Technician, Member


Mr. David Muyenjwa

Procurement specialist

Monitoring and Evaluation Committee

There shall be a Monitoring and Evaluation committee. The terms of reference of the Monitoring and Evaluation committee shall be to ensure that the required standards of performance is reached by carrying out the following:

  • Developing M&E plan and Risk management plan
  • Ensuring  consistency with Project goals
  • Tracking outputs and impacts
  • Monitoring and Evaluating Compliance with implementation schedule
  • Coordinating the impact assessment activities
  •  Ensure information needs for project management are met
  •  Coordinate and facilitate information gathering and management
  • Communicate review results to stakeholders. This is necessary as feedback mechanism.
  • Conduct a baseline survey on reliability of the ICT systems. The surveys will be done quarterly and be reported to EPC.
  • ICT experts and any other stakeholders may be co-opted in the committee in consultation with the activity manager.

Members of the Monitoring and Evaluation committee will be appointed by the Vice Chancellor upon recommendations by the EPC. Members will be:

    • Co-ordinator, monitoring and evaluation
    • Two representatives from appropriate SUA stakeholders