Guidelines for preparaing Dissertations Thesis – 2014 (Under Review)

Requlations and Guidelines for Higher Degrees (6th Edition)Online Version

Forms to Download

Appendix I : List of Higher Degrees offered at SUA 

Appendix II : MSc/PhD Research Concept Note Seminar Assessment form (PGS 001)

Appendix III : MSc/PhD Research ProposalSeminar Assessment Form (PGS 002)

Appendix IV : MSc/PhD Research Results Seminar Assessment Form (PGS 003)

Appendix V : Notice to Submit Dissertation/Thesis (PG2 004)

Appendix VI : Terms of Reference for Examining Dissertation/Theses/Research Paper (PGS 005)

Appendix VII : Summary Recommendation Form on Master Dissertation/Thesis/Research Paper Examination (PGS 006)

Appendix VIII : Summary Recommendation Form for PhD Dissertation/Thesis Examination (PGS 007)

Appendix IX : Master/PhD Degree Oral Defense/Viva Voce Examination Results form (PGS 008)

Appendix X : Procedures for Conducting Oral Defence/Viva Voce (PGS 009)

Appendix XI : Oral Defense/Viva   Results Recommendation Form for Research Paper, Dissertation and Thesis (PGS 010)

Appendix XII : Postgraduate Student’s Research Work Progress Report Form (PGS 11)

Appendix XIII : Summary Postgraduate Student’s Progress Report Form (PGS 012)

Appendix XIV : Student Complaint Form (PGS 013)

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