Sokoine University of Agriculture aims at creating a research culture that actively responds to the needs of Tanzania, whilst contributing to the global research community through its R&D outputs.

The University developed its first Intellectual Property (IP) policy in 2005 in keeping with its Corporate Strategic Plan (SUACSP) 1997-2005. A number of relevant stakeholders including students, researchers, administrators, industry, Government ministries, public and private organizations were involved.

It is over a decade now since then, during which many developments have occurred locally and globally. It is therefore crucial to review the SUA-IP Policy in keeping with SUACSP 2016-2021 and to accommodate new developments.

This Intellectual Property Policy seeks to encourage an environment where useful ideas or creative works produced at the University are used in ways that benefit the Creators, the University and the public interest. Whereas the Policy seeks to ensure legal protection and commercialisation of useful ideas and creative works, it also recognises the need not to unduly interfere with the academic right to publish.

The University has developed and adopted this Intellectual Property Policy in order to establish a responsible manner for handling protected and non-protected intellectual properties, which belong to the University as well as those of others outside the University. This Policy shall serve as a guide to all members of the University in matters related to the management of intellectual properties.

Prof. Raphael T. Chibunda
Vice Chancellor

Read SUA Intellectual Property Policy – 2020 here