Researchers Workshop

Project for opportunities and challenges in peri-urban livestock farming in Tanzania

The purpose of the workshop wasto brief all stakeholders of peri-urban livestock farming project the outcome of different researches undertaken by students and some project researchersto see if the recommendation made from obtained findings can be practiced improving livestock farming in peri-urban areas. The workshop involved project stakeholders from Denmark, SUA, Morogoro and Tanga Peri-urban. The discussion was conducted in a participatory manner and mainly based on presentations by PhD students and small projects reports from project members as well as experience of peri-urban livestock farming from project co-partners in Denmark. All invited stakeholders shared experience of livestock farming from their respective areas and more often participated in discussion during presentation. Participants have feelings that we need to keep and maintain the taboo and culture of sending back the research findings through seminars, workshop, livestock magazine, brochures and other local and public publications.At the end of the day it was agreed that the Project will try to seek funding from different sources to enable publications as well as seminars. Furthermore, the project will keep advising livestock farmers anytime if they asked to do so regardless of financial limitation.