Main Activities & Outputs

Main Activities and Outputs

The main activities will be to train 3 PhD and 3 Master students who will carry out the research studies so as to build research capacity on peri-urban livestock farming.  Other research activities will be carried out by a research assistant and researchers who will conduct additional studies on impact of animal wastes on public health, animals and environment, socio-cultural studies on peri-urban livestock farming and on improved feed quality. The students will be registered at the Sokoine University of Agriculture and undertake a sandwich training programme whereby they will be required to do some of their work in Denmark to gain experience on state of the art laboratories and scientific methodologies. Attempts will be made to utilize the double degree system formed between SUA and University of Copenhagen. There will also be short Faculty staff exchange between SUA and Danish institutions and such faculty staff from Denmark will at the same time be PhD supervisors.


The main output of the proposed project will be capacity development in the country. Three PhD and 3 Master Students will be recruited in the proposed project as described above. The output of the proposed project will include the following:

  • Training of 3 Ph.D and 3 Masters students
  • Research publications in international journals
  • Educational extension materials to farmers and livestock extension staff
  • Increased knowledge on challenges of peri-urban livestock keeping to Tanzanian and Danish scientists
  • Policy briefs and guidelines on safe disposal of animal waste
  • Policy briefs and guidelines on poultry feed qualities
  • Policy briefs and guidelines on animal welfare
  • Improved infrastructure at Sokoine University of Agriculture
  • Increased interaction and collaboration between Tanzania and Danish scientists