Inventors shall disclose promptly to the University any applicable intellectual property. The disclosure shall be made on an approved Intellectual Property Disclosure Form to the DRPGS in a manner that ensures confidentiality. The DRPGS shall routinely report all disclosures to Senate through Senate Research and Publications Committee. Where the development of an IP attracting protection measures has been accomplished at another establishment other than SUA, and if it is desired to pursue protection measures from that such other establishment, it shall be an obligation of that other establishment to fully involve the participation of SUA as per or in addition to provisions of an MTA.

 The establishment leading in the pursuit of protection of the IP whether within or outside Tanzania, and whether the IP is protected through Tanzanian or any other, shall have an obligation to keep other contracting parties informed. Any action to the contrary shall be treated as a deliberate breach of the provisions of this policy.

All parties invited or attracting participation in transactions of disclosures and its related aspects shall be bound by signed confidentiality agreements as may be provided from time to time by the University Authority.