Submission and Examination of Dissertation/Thesis

Three months before submitting a dissertation or a thesis, a candidate has to give a notice of intention to submit the dissertation/thesis for examination by filling a Notice of Intention to Submit Dissertation/Thesis form (PGS 010)

Every dissertation submitted is examined by at least two specialists in that field and at least one of them must be external to SUA. After examining the dissertation, each Examiner has to submit the report to the DRPGS and summarize his/her report about the dissertation on the Summary Recommendation Form on MSC/MVM/MA Dissertation (PGS 011). For PhD candidates, at least three qualified specialists of whom one is external to SUA examine the thesis. The examiners have to summarize their reports by filling the Summary Recommendation Forms for PhD Thesis (PGS 012) in addition to writing their detailed reports about the thesis.

All PhD candidates whose thesis are positively evaluated by examiners have to sit for Viva voce examinations before being awarded degrees. A panel of 5 experts is appointed to examine PhD candidate orally and at the end of the oral examination, the panel members have to make recommendations to SPGSC on whether the candidate fails or passes by filling the PhD Viva Voce Examination Results Form (PGS 013). In addition to filling PhD Viva voce Examination Results form, each member of the panel has to sign the Viva Voce Panel Members Form (PGS 014).