Publication of Research Results

Researchers at SUA publish research results or findings in both local and international scientific journals. A good number of SUA researchers are members of the Editorial Boards of reputable scientific journals both locally and internationally. Most of the local journals in the agricultural sciences are based at SUA. Among these journals include:

Journal of Agricultural Sciences ( TAJAS )

Tanzania Journal of Forestry and Nature Conservation (JFNC)

Tanzania Veterinary Journal ( TVJ )

Journal of Agricultural Economics and Development

Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension

Tanzania Journal of Agricultural Engineering

Journal of Development Studies

In addition to publishing in scientific journals, SUA researchers also present research results in local and international Conferences and Workshops. Most of the proceedings of these conferences are printed and distributed widely.

Dissemination of SUA Research Information
DRPGS publishes the SUA Research News , a biannual newsletter whose main objective is to inform its readers on matters related to research and postgraduate studies at SUA. DRPGS also publishes the SUA Record of Research, where abstracts of papers published by SUA researchers in various journals and conference proceedings for the past two years are published. Further publications by the DRPGS include Abstracts of Dissertations and Theses from SUA graduates, as well as the SUA Research Catalogue, where details of on going research projects are given.