About Ongoing Research Projects

All research projects whose funds pass or do not pass through University Bursar's Office are supposed to register with the office of the Directorate of Research and Postgraduate studies (DRPGS). Such projects are also supposed to submit short progress reports indicating what has been done, what remains to be done, achievements and funds expenditure. The full list of Registered research projects can be viewed under the List of Registered Research Projects of SUA .

Currently, the University has a total of about 90 ongoing research projects, hosted over the four faculties, two institutes, 3 centers and the library . This figure does not take into account individual students' research projects for the award of degrees. The titles, objectives, researchers involved, budget and funding agencies of ongoing projects are usually published after every 2-3 years in SUA Research Catalogue

Most of the research conducted at SUA is applied research (98%) while only a small proportion (2%) is on basic or product development research. Of the total research projects, about 24% of them are related to livestock/dairy production and management, followed by forestry and natural resources (19%), socio-economic and extension (17%) and crop production and horticulture (11%). The rest of the studies are spread out amongst other disciplines like animal health, human nutrition, food science and technology, soil fertility and management.