The Directorate of Research and Postgraduate Studies (DRPGS) was established in 1988. Besides administering research and postgraduate matters, DRPGS is also charged with the responsibility of administering research funds, postgraduate funds, donor funds, internal and external grants and handling of research associates. It is also responsible for publications, documentation and dissemination of research outputs .

The Directorate is the University's focal point for research activities and postgraduate studies. It was established so that it provides high quality learning opportunities for postgraduate studies. The directorate is headed by a Director and assisted by two Deputy Directors. These are full time members of Academic staff in their respective departments. There are two Administrative officers who are in charge of financial management and administration of research and postgraduate matters. The Directorate also has an Accountant, two accounts clerks, four secretaries, two office attendants and seven drivers who form the core staff of the Directorate.


The Director is answerable to the Vice Chancellor through the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) on all academic matters and through the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration and Finance) on administrative issues. The Director is appointed by the University Council through the recommendations of Senate and Vice Chancellor and holds office for a term of three years which can be extended for another three years if work performance is satisfactory. The current Director is Prof. V. Muhikambele.

Besides the day to day administration of the Directorate, the Director is the Chairman of two Senate Committees namely, Senate Postgraduate Studies Committee (SPGSC) and Senate Research and Publications Committee (SR&PC). The Director is also a member of Council, Senate, Appointment and Staff Development Committee, Finance and Planning Committee and a member of Committee of Deans and Directors. The Deputy Directors are the Vice Chairpersons of SPGSC and SR&PC and represent the Director in all meetings when the Director is not around. The current Deputy Director (Postgraduate Studies) is Prof. A.P. Maerere and Deputy Director (Research and Publications) is Prof. S. Nchimbi-Msolla.