Expected Outputs

The expected outputs include increased teaching and management effectiveness as well higher research productivity by providing reliable and dependable ICT systems. Specifically outputs include:

i. An ICT building constructed to provide space for ICT teaching, research and housing of ICT facilities
ii.Staff and students are educated and aware of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)
iii.Staff and Students trained in ICT including FOSS and using those skills in teaching, research and outreach
iv.State-of-the art hardware installed  and functioning reliably
v. Buildings connected with fibre-optic cable including the replacement of the ageing ones
vi.Campuses linked with efficient network connection
vii.Computer laboratories are fully functional
viii.Library and ICT facilities equipped with functioning Security and CCTV systems
ix. Identified state-of-the art software acquired, configured,  installed and functioning reliably
x. FOSS-based information systems such as e-learning system, human resource management systems are in use for University functions
xi.Reliable connectivity and bandwidth ensured
xii.Servers for such as email, e-learning, students records, human resource, and accounting/financial are acquired, installed and configured
xiii.A study on how to establish a full integrated information system is conducted. Furthermore, whenever possible a portion envisaged system will be implemented
xiv.Electric power  backup and UPS for server rooms and computer labs acquired and installed
xv. A fully functional recovery room and an automated data backup schedule established
xvi.E-Learning and Distance Learning Facilities available for staff and students
xvii.Accessible and well organized  Institutional Repository established
xviii Entire campus covered by a reliably functioning intercom system
xix. SUA TV coverage expanded to at least 60% of the entire country
xx.  Reliably functioning video conferencing facilities