Maintanance and Security

Maintanance and Security of Planned Investments
In order to realize better maintenance and security of the planned investment, it is important to provide a governance framework. The SUA’s updated ICT policy is one of an important tool for governance purposes. However, this needs an ICT regulation and guideline for successful implementation of the policy. Furthermore, it is important to have an action plan for the ICT policy implementation. Therefore, SUA is developing ICT regulations and guidelines that will address the ICT system governance, security, maintenance, adaptability and sustainability. The security issues to be addressed will cover but not limited to

i. Physical and environmental security:
It will include measures against fire, measures against floods, measures against theft, cooling systems, clean and safe power.

ii.Access control:
This will include physical access control, logical access control, managing user profiles, managing network access controls, controlling administrative access or special access and passwords management.   

iii.Network, internet and e-mail security:
This will include network security, wireless network security, management controls, network design and technical controls, internet security, e-mail security, protection against computer viruses and malicious code.