Postgraduate Studies Section is responsible for administering postgraduate studies at Sokoine University of Agriculture.

Postgraduate Students Admission

  • Admission procedure
  • Application for admission forms
  • Application Form-Introductory remark
  • Pre-arrival-and-joining-instructions
  • Referee Report form
  • Student Registration form

Dissertation/Thesis Examination

  • Claim forms for external examiners
  • Dissertation-Thesis Submisssion Forms to Supervisors
  • Notice of Intention to Submit Dissertation-Thesis
  • PhD Summary Exam Recomendation form
  • PhD Viva Voce forms
  • Summary Exam Reccomendation forms

Regulations and Guidelines

  • Guidelines for preparaing DissertationsThesis-2014
  • Requlations and Guidelines for Higher Degrees

Funding and scholarship opportunities

  • Fees Structure
  • Scholarships Opportunities